Essential Oil

Bergamot essential oil is a greenish yellow liquid,its color depends on the degree of maturity of the fruit from which it is extracted. Bergamot’s taste is a little bitter and its density at 15° ranges from 0.881 to 0.886, rarely coming in 0888; the turnover ratio of +8 to +22. Density of some species down to + 5 ° 24 ‘and go up to + 24°, the number of ethers is 95-130.Bergamot boils at 180 ° and beyond; its acidity is weak. The main component of the essence of bergamot is the acetic ether linalol or acetate linalyl , the proportion of which determines the value of the essence, it is as a rule 34-40% and rarely goes up to 45; when the fruits aren’t yet fully mature, it drops up to 30%


Olio essenziale di Bergamotto

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