Bergamot Cultivation

Today, the area cultivated with bergamot is about 1,500 acres, with an average production of 100,000 kg of essence. About 200 kg of fruit are needed to achive a kilo of essence. Industry insiders are estimated at approx. 4,000 units. The first “bergamotteto” (Bergamot trees area) known was planted near Reggio Calabria by Nicola Parisi, in the fund called “Giunchi” in 1750. The cultivated plants are obtained by grafting of the three bergamot branches on one year old bitter orange branch. It remains in the pot for a year and is planted at 2 years. The grafting and transplantation take place in the following year on February or September. It has a productive life of 25 years, began his production for three years, it reaches the hiighest productivity at 8 years old and can produce up to a ton per plant, if pruned (tops are pruned to repair fruits from strong summer sun and wind).
Productivity is strongly influenced by temperature and rains: trees doesn’t bear temperature rush down, excessive or poor rainfall, while stand heat very well.
Trees must be planted every four meters, land must be repaired rows of dense pine trees, planted in the side of the land towards the sea to repair the cultivation by the strong wind that blows from the sea by the Strait of Messina throughout the year.